Wednesday, May 10, 2017

Amazon Order Products Review

This is not an affiliated or sponsored post with Amazon. I did not receive these products for free, I purchased them myself.

Well this is going to be a big post haha. I received a $40 Amazon gift card as a gift recently at work, and I finally got to use it! I made this order on April 29, and it finally arrived at my house on May 7. (If would have been here earlier if I had used my mom's Amazon account, but, it's fine. There are reasons I didn't and I was ok with waiting...for the most part.)
So, four of these items are just things I wanted/needed, and three of them are very personal. I will talk about two of these items more than the other, because the other is going to be used for a very special reason. Maybe one day I'll share what it's for, but, right now? I'm not sure I want to, so, I'll keep the reason for it to myself. :)

So the first item is a box of 44 cards of Proverbs to color in. For Christmas this past year, my mom bought a shared gift for all of us of blessings to color in, and I really enjoyed them, so, when I was making this order, I decided to get the Proverbs one, especially after going through a few personal things. This box is super pretty, and the cards are really nice. My cards, though, seem to have been cut oddly when they were made, so there were pieces falling off and the edges aren't PERFECT, but, that's ok. I'll still enjoy coloring them. I'm thinking about getting trading card sleeves to get these into my binder of coloring pages, in order to keep them safe once they've been colored (or I'll leave them in the box, lol. I don't know yet.)

This one is a Copic Marker Doodle Pack! I've bought one of these before, and honestly love them! Copics are such great markers, even though they're expensive! This one is the Turquoise pack, and it includes Cool Shadow, Mint Green, Atyou Spica glitter pen, and a gray Copic multiliner pen. These are going to be awesome for journalling and drawing in general!

OK, so, this is the one that's got a special reasoning behind it, and I'm keeping that to myself, but I wanted to show the journal itself, because it's super pretty. I have a pink one like this with Matthew 19:26 on it, and I'm going to be using that one to write down Bible verses I want to remember. This one is going to be used alongside it at times, but for a very private reason. I may talk about it more one day, but, right now, it's being kept for me to know. :3

This one is a illustrated devotional for women. I picked this one out because it looked very pretty and the pictures of pages I saw on Amazon looked lovely. I think it'll be something great to do each night before bed, especially since I have a small set of coloring pencils I can use with it.

This item was more of a silly one, but I ordered one pack of Animal Crossing Amiibo Cards haha. Those are the six I got, and one is A PENGUIN. I'm going to have him move into my New Leaf town soon!! :D

Finally, I got a new umbrella. Mine was a cheap little one from Walmart, and it got really beat up during our last bout of rain and wind two weeks ago. So I bought a stronger one! :) I love the flower on top of it too!

So that's everything I got this time. I'm really happy with everything, and I'm glad to finally have the important things I had been waiting for. :)

Monday, March 20, 2017

Funko POP Review: Peasant Belle from Beauty and the Beast

This Funko POP is of my absolute favorite Disney Princess, Belle! I love Beauty and the Beast, it's my favorite movie ever (do not talk to me about that live action remake). I love sitting and watching it, enjoying the beautiful animation and amazing songs, and now I have a Funko POP of Belle in her peasant outfit!

So this Funko POP comes in a green and white box. Belle is number 90 from this collection, and she looks adorable! Her outfit is a perfect match to the film, and the pain job isn't that bad! This is one I purchased online, from Walmart, and she came on time without any damage!

So there she is from every angle. She just looks so great, I love her! Once I get shelf up in my room, she'll definitely be displayed where everyone can see her!

Monday, February 6, 2017

Funko POP review: Sasuke Uchiha

As a huge fan of the Naruto series, I got extremely excited when I found out there were going to be Naruto Funko POPs made! I do have the Naruto Uzumaki POP, but the review of him is on my other blog here: Naruto Funko POP Review.

Today though, I have the review of the Sasuke Uchiha Funko POP!

I tried a new way of taking pictures of these little figures, and had a small problem with Sasuke not staying up when I turned him. He kept falling over because his head is a bit too heavy for the design haha.

He's super cute though! He's very accurate to the Shippuden design, and looks awesome. I ordered him online from Hot Topic during Hot Cash time because I had some, and I'm surprised at well done the paint job is for him. I always worry when I buy these online because I can't check and make sure they look nice enough for display.

But, this one looked great! Sure, a few little paint smears, but other than those he looks wonderful! His face is so cute, and he transfer from anime to Funko POP very well, in my opinion. I really can't wait to get a shelf up so he can be displayed properly!